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RE: Sun Myung Moon and his Unification Church (under the name of Family Federation for World Peace and Unification) are planning another one of his famous Mass Weddings, this one to take place at:


New York City

Madison Square Garden

June 13, 1998


We plan to be there to peacefully protest and hand out flyers/leaflets/tracts
against the false Messiah, Sun Myung Moon and his Unification Church.


The Unification Church did an excellent snow job of the media (except for the Washington Post) concerning their recent Mass Wedding held at RFK Stadium, Washington, D.C., Nov. 29, 1997. Most media reported that Unification Church "Blessing" event as Unification Church P.R. had described it to them: "A statement for strong families, marital fidelity, etc.". But that is just a surface agenda, P.R. to make it look good and acceptable to the American public - there is a far deeper agenda and significance to their Mass Weddings than that!!! For the Unification Church the marriage "Blessing Ceremony" is how a person receives "salvation", and according to them, how one has their "blood lineage changed from a Satanic blood lineage to a pure blood lineage". According to the Unification Church it is only by being "Blessed" by Moon (the supposedly sinless "Messiah" with the pure blood lineage) in one of his marriage ceremonies (and thus having "your blood lineage changed") that one can become a "true family". According to Moon this is how the Kingdom of God will come on the earth. Thus participating in Moon’s "Blessing Ceremony" is also tantamount to endorsing Moon’s claim of being the "sinless Messiah" - the only hope and Savior of the world, and his many false teachings. Read articles on our website for the true meaning of the so-called "Blessing Ceremony". It is also quite amazing that Sun Myung Moon is presenting himself as the champion of strong families when he and his Unification Church have been the cause of the destruction of many families (e.g. See "Sun Myung Moon’s Family Values - A Mother’s Story" and "Ex-Members Speak Out" on Steve Hassan’s website [address given below]) .

Louis Farrakhan spoke at the Washington, D.C. Mass Wedding (about the importance of strong families). Large numbers of Nation of Islam members (Farrakhan’s followers) were present at that Mass Wedding event. Farrakhan is now an avid supporter of Moon. But I wonder what Louis Farrakhan would think of Moon and his Unification Church if he knew that Moon teaches:

"Is there any religious leader in the United States who can surpass me?" (Nobody). (Sun Myung Moon, Today’s World, Nov/Dec 1994, p. 18.) "...Christianity and all other religions must recommend the Unification Church as the true solution." (Ibid. p.18) "Am I foolish and insignificant or am I great? I gave all the individuals in the world cause to kneel down in front of me." (Rev. Moon, Today's World, March 1995 p.6) "The real teacher, the king of teachers, is Father. The real king of kings is Father....My teaching is the real one." (Sun Myung Moon, "Let Us Realize That My Family Is The Representative and Central Family", Today’s World, Sept./Oct 1994, p.7.) "If religion becomes unified, the nation and everything else can be unified. Unknown to everyone, in this sense, God prepared the Unification Church to replace everything." (Sun Myung Moon, Today's World, March 1995, p. 5) Rev. Ahn of the Unification Church gives us the Unification Church teaching: "Today God's word comes only through Father. If other people receive God's word, that word is that Reverend Moon is the Messiah." (Rev. Ahn, Today's World, January 1995 p.39) Every day I bow down to True Parents, morning and night, and pray. Through doing this, I can separate from Satan." (Rev. Ahn, Today’s World, January 1995, p. 27) "I teach our members to bow to True Parents morning and night..." (Rev. Ahn, Today’s World, January, 1995, p. 39) And Rev. Moon himself teaches: "When you bow to True Parents’ picture and display the Unification Church flag, Satan will have to go far away from your home." (Sun Myung Moon, Today’s World, January, 1995, p. 14)

Rev. Al Sharpton is another one also now being used by Sun Myung Moon to further Moon’s agenda. He is very involved in seeking to persuade Christian Ministers to participate in this up-coming Unification Church "Blessing Ceremony". One of the main strategies of the Unification Church in promoting their "Blessing Ceremony" is to target Christian Ministers hoping their influence would persuade whole congregations to participate. Many Christians and Christian Ministers (whether real "Christians" or so-called "Christians") now actively support the Unification Church. This in spite of the fact that Moon and his Unification Church deny most of the major doctrines of orthodox Christianity - Moon even having publicly proclaimed himself to be the Messiah (See article "Is Rev. Moon The Messiah?"). Moon teaches that Jesus was conceived by Mary having sex with Zechariah, the father of John the Baptist and many other shocking things (such as are quoted and documented in our articles on the web) that would cause public outrage, especially from Christians - if this information ever got out to the public. Rev. Moon also teaches that he is supposed to be the absolute ruler of the world. He has talked many times about wanting to take over America politically. "The whole world is in my hand, and I will conquer and subjugate the world." (Sun Myung Moon, Master Speaks, 5/17/73). More information about this in the website articles. In the article "Examples of the Use of Deception by the Unification Church" I have thoroughly proven and documented several examples of the Unification Church lying to the public and to Christian Ministers. Several high-up leaders of the Unification Church recently left. This is the best opportunity ever to expose the deceptive practices and cultic nature of the false Messiah Sun Myung Moon and his Unification Church.

For more information about the Unification Church check out our website. Other websites with valuable information about the Unification Church are the Watchman Fellowship at (particularly their article about celebrities and politicians, etc. [such as former President Bush] being used by Moon to further his agenda.) Steve Hassan, former Unification Church member, author of the highly acclaimed Combatting Cult Mind Control and exit counselor has his website at   And former Unification Church member Ingo Michehl’s website at What I am sending you is just the tip of the iceberg of information I have about this group. If you are interested in doing an article or news segment, etc. about this group and would like more information please E-mail.


June 1, 1998


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