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The Virgin Birth of Jesus Christ is extremely significant and precious to all who truly believe the Bible (Isaiah 7:10-14, Matthew 1:18-23, Luke 1:26-37). The Unification Church denies the Virgin Birth of Jesus Christ. In fact, IT IS TAUGHT IN THE UNIFICATION CHURCH THAT JESUS WAS AN ILLEGITIMATE CHILD, CONCEIVED THROUGH MARY HAVING A SEXUAL RELATIONSHIP WITH ZECHARIAH THE FATHER OF JOHN THE BAPTIST!

Rev. Moon has taught:

"Jesus was born of a father and mother, just as any one else is...." "To satisfy your curiosity, I can explain very plainly. But since Christians believe that Jesus was born of a virgin by the Holy Spirit, and God's primary object of this dispensation is Christians...If I explain everything plainly about the birth of Jesus, it may stumble many Christians in accepting God's new dispensation. Therefore, I don't want to explain everything too plainly here. (Sun Myung Moon, Master Speaks-7:"Bible Interpretation," 1965, p.4.)

These statements were made in 1965. Through the years it has been a secret inner teaching within the Unification Church, passed on by word of mouth, that Mary had sex with Zechariah and that this is how Jesus was conceived. Many former Unification Church members have testified to this. But this was an "inner" teaching reserved for members, which they tried to keep hidden from outsiders, particularly Christians! Some Unification Church members have even lied--denying that this is taught in their Church. But in a recent Unification Church book, published by its own publishing company, entitled The Victory of Love, the Unification Church teaches under the heading of, "ELIZABETH AND MARY--THE FOUNDATION OF CHRISTIANITY":

"Elizabeth also showed her good heart in the way she supported Zechariah. She knew what happened to Mary and Zechariah, but she absolutely and unconditionally supported them." (Purportedly by the spirit of Heung Jin Nim Moon, The Victory of Love, New York, NY:The Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity, 1992, p. 210.)

On p. 251 of the same book, the Unification Church teaches:

"Elizabeth's child and Leah's children were in the elder son position while Mary's child and Rachel's child were in the younger son position. John and Jesus, as elder and younger brother, had to unite to indemnify the failure of Joseph and his brothers." (Ibid., p. 251.)

And on p. 17 of this same Unification Church book, the Unification Church teaches CONCERNING JESUS:

"He was so sensitive. The neighbors kept persecuting him because he was illegitimate. His younger sister was the only one who loved him, but she was not enough. Not enough for him to grow his heart to be the prince of heaven. His parents totally misunderstood him. Zechariah kicked him out and refused to have anything to do with him." (Ibid., p. 17.)

Putting these statements together we can see that the Unification Church teaches that something happened between Mary and Zechariah, that John the Baptist was Jesus' older brother, that Jesus was illegitimate and that Zechariah was his father!

Rev. Moon seems to be getting bolder lately. In a speech he gave to Unification Church members August 1, 1993 (with Unification Church members responding), Sun Myung Moon proclaimed:

"Who was Jesus' father? Christians say that Jesus was born to a virgin. Without man is it possible to conceive? [Impossible.] Who is Jesus' father? [Zechariah.] Who taught that? [You did.] Several times in six months I said that. Who is Jesus' father? Zechariah." (Sun Myung Moon, "Declaration of Return to the Home Country," speech given August 1, 1993 at Tarrytown, New York, translated by Sang Kil Han, from the Unification Church member magazine Today's World, October 1993, p.9.)

In a speech given February 7, 1995 Rev. Moon taught Unification Church members:

"Who was the father of Jesus Christ? [Zechariah.] Zechariah. ...The result of the relationship between Zechariah and Mary was the birth of Jesus Christ ....All these historical events led up to John the Baptist's younger sister being in the position to become Jesus' wife. With Jesus destined to be in the elder son's position, John the Baptist's younger sister would have become Jesus' wife and all of history would have been restored. ...Thus Jesus and John the Baptist's sister had the same father but different mothers. ...John the Baptist knew very well that Jesus Christ was an illegitimate child. When John the Baptist received the revelation that Jesus was God's beloved son, he could not accept that an illegitimate person was the Messiah. Under these circumstances, for Jesus to marry John the Baptist's younger sister was unacceptable. Although they had different mothers, they were both children of Zechariah. How could people accept such an incestuous relationship? (Sun Myung Moon, "A New Dimension Is Beginning," speech given February 7, 1995 at a Unification Church Leaders' Conference in Washington, D.C., and recorded in the Unification Church member magazine Today's World, April 1995, pp. 11-12.)

It has been preached from the pulpit of the National Headquarters of the Unification Church in New York City that there are no contradictions between what the Bible says and what the Divine Principle says. The Divine Principle, the sacred book of the Unification Church, declares on p. 152, "In order for us to have a right faith, we must first establish direct rapport with God in spirit through ardent prayer and next, we must understand the truth through correct reading of the Bible." But does the Unification Church really believe the Bible, or are they deceiving people? I hereby challenge any major Unification Church leader to public debate from the Scriptures.

In the February 1994 edition of the Unification News, on p. 22, the Unification Church states: "...representatives of the Unification community in America are as willing as they have always been to meet with representatives of any community or organization (the media included!) who remain ignorant or fearful of the Rev. and Mrs. Moon's work and the activities of the Unification community." I therefore invite any leader of the Unification Church to make good on your word and meet with myself and the media for discussion and dialogue.


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